About us

Kick Boxing Academy Ilidža was established at start 2005 beacuse of sport enthusiasts like Nermin Bašović, World champion 2003 and Athlete of the Year BIH 2003. Basic idea of our Academy is to include as many young people into sport and to save them from everyday vices of today.

In very short time of existence, our club achieved very good results in national and international competitions. For three consecutive years our club was named the most successful club in junior competition at the Championships of BiH.

Our competitors regularly won medals at the Balkan, European and World championships. KBA Ilidža has about 150 members, who regularly train in Ilidza municipality.
Kickboxing academy Ilidža is focused on two groups of members: competitors and recreationists. Man and women from 10 to 25 can join training without previous experience in martial arts. Trainings are in KSC Ilidža- hall for martial arts.
Dates of training:

– Monday at 19:00
– Tuesday at 19:00
– Thursday 17:30
– Friday 17:30

Admission of new members to the recreational kickboxing for men and women.

KSC Ilidža

Club coaches are Semir Music and Nermin Bašović.
Information number:061 517 681 or email nerminbasovic82@hotmail.com

Grand Prix BIH - Sarajevo 2020
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